In the far north of Vojvodina, in Novi Knezevac , the food industry ALEVA is located. Established in 1947 as Obilic paprika mill, in the forthcoming decades it has grown into a modern factory which produces dehydrated products at its own recipes, adapting to the demands of modern consumers for products that will enable fast, simple and safe preparation of delicious, complete meals. The name Aleva was first mentioned in 1952., when the two drive units Novi Knezevac and Ostojicevo were singled out of the industry for the processing and grinding of Horgos pepper.

During the 60s Aleva began with processing other vegetables (onion and parsnip) in their plants and, in the 70s, they introduced automated packing of paprika and producing the first of dehydrated products: food seasoning with spices and family soups. In the following years, the development of technology and market has led to the expansion of Aleva’s production and range of products, which has been significantly enriched: the processing and packaging of coffee, universal spice Kulinat, puddings, whipped cream, processing of spice pepper continued, while working on the perfection of drying process of onions and parsnip.

In 2005 Aleva went through ownership transformation and became a part of the Flory trading group. This is a unique example of privatization in Serbia, where from the very beginning of the process the intensive investments have been made in growth through human resources, modernization of production facilities and the strengthening of its own brands. Today Aleva is a modern company within the food industry, which produces more than 170 different products, divided into several categories: ground spice paprika, dried vegetables, universal and specialized flavorings, classic and instant soups, desserts powder (puddings, whipped cream and creams, ice desserts), seasonings for baking, canning and dessert flavoring, teas, supplements and sauces (mustard and horseradish), a wide range of mono spices for everyday household use, as well as mixtures of spices intended for the meat-processing industry.


People are the heart of every company and a key factor that enables a sustainable competitive advantage. Our employees are our core value and it is them who make the company Aleva distinguishable amongst its likes . By respecting the dignity of every individual, we set the foundation of the development of a supportive work environment that is based on mutual trust and loyalty, with the goal of team meeting of business challenges. The opportunity for continuous professional trainings , optimal professional development and realization of personal ambitions are provided for all our employees. Thanks to the efforts of 350 people, the number Aleva currently employs, the company managed to achieve an annual production of over 4,000 tons of products.


In an effort to preserve the quality of vegetables, Aleva’s employees take special care of cooperation with farmers. They provide quality seeds for the vegetable producers, which guarantees secure yields, and during the breeding they provide advisory and technical assistance to ensure a quality crop and harvest in the full physiological maturity. This is how a complete monitoring has been achieved , from the field to the entering the production facilities of Aleva. The result of good cooperation with subcontractors means the purchase of the aforementioned vegetables from now the third generation of manufacturers . Each year at its plants Aleva processes more than 7,000 tons of fresh vegetables, which are as the well-known and recognized products delivered to the tables around the world. Aleva conducts its business in a manner to meet the requirements of its users. It also operates in accordance with the requirements of legislation, placing on the market the quality, safe products. Responding to customer requirements, in addition to HACCP principles and systems of hygiene, Aleva has decided to implement a global standard recognized by the GFSI (Global Initiative for Food), formed by the biggest retail chains. In 2013 , the awarded certificates confirmed that Aleva met the requirements of FSSC 22000, which included ISO 22000: 2005 and ISO / TS 22002-1: 2009, thus being granted the placement of their products in all retail chains in any part of the world .


Owing to the trust of our customers that has lasted for decades, we are one of the leading manufacturers of food products. We respect the traditions and upgrade it with modern methods and technological achievements. In addition to traditional recipes, Aleva constantly evolves new ones, creating new products that keep pace with the wishes and needs of the modern consumer. Functional foods are placed on the shelves, foods for consumers who take special care of their health and daily needs of nutrients. Instant products are created for those who do not have enough time to prepare classic meals. All products are the result of the development team of Aleva.


Our further development plans will be in favor of broadening the product range by creating new products, conquering new markets and strengthening our brands on them. Our wish is to preserve the quality of products and, by using of modern technologies and production processes, to grow into a European company, to enter new markets and enrich the range of products tailored to customer requirements, to the customers who are becoming ever more educated and paying ever more attention to a balanced, healthy diet.

We plan to build a new, modern plant designed in accordance with all international requirements and standards, which will enable maximum energy savings and optimize all phases of operation. Everything will be designed in aim to increase productivity, without neglecting, not even for a moment, the quality and safety of products.



Svetozara Miletića 15
23330 Novi Kneževac, Srbija
Centrala: +381 (0) 230 410 500